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King Country Farm Servicing

We have been providing our customers with on-farm servicing for over 20 years now, and it is very successful, working well for both the farmers and recreational vehicles used at the beaches.

Over the years our run has become larger and larger, we now cover all Waikato, Waipa, King Country, and Central Plateau areas.

Generally we will schedule a servicing date approximately every three months, however we realise that some farmers require more frequent servicing, so we allow you to stipulate how often you wish your vehicle to be serviced.

We have a custom built service truck with an on-board tyre machine, and carry a wide range of parts.

Lyall Carr, our On Farm Service Technician, has had more than 20 years experience as a motorcycle technician, and comes from a farming background - he knows what you need and expect from him.

So if you want friendly and reliable service, call now to arrange your on-farm service. 

Lyall Carr
Email:  kchservice@kchonda.co.nz 

Phone: 0276 359688